Dear visitors, welcome at web portal of Ljubljana City Library

Ljubljana City Library (LCL) is a young institution only just commencing on its growth and development, as it has only been operating since 2008 as a joint library in place of previously independent libraries. It is a library of the capital which performs its activities for the residents of Ljubljana as well as its visitors. It has already established itself in the public space of the city of Ljubljana, capital of the Republic of Slovenia, as a distinguishable institution in the area of culture. With its programmes and projects it actively shapes the public space as well as library services. Its rich collection of 1.6 million units, 1.5 million visitors and 4.9 million home loans as well as numerous free events for the general public it is successfully making its way into the area of Ljubljana's cultural offer.

Our strategic plan for 2010-2012 sets ambitious goals for our development. Supported by our founder Municipality of Ljubljana we plan to develop a modern and future oriented library. Two years ago when libraries of Ljubljana merged the main goals were to better satisfy information needs of our users, ensure a more comfortable and cheaper use of the collections and information services, make LCL one of city's important cultural centres, and, above all, provide unified library services to all residents of Ljubljana and its surroundings. For this reason the future years will be very important for the operation and development of LCL, since this time will show how the new organization of the library has been established which will enable us to follow its effectiveness.

The status of Ljubljana City Library has defined its operation in the area of Municipality of Ljubljana, however, its placement in the heart of the country's capital means that its services are available to much wider circle of users. Besides taking care of the city's temporary residents, such as students and immigrants, it also performs special tasks of central regional library for Central Slovenia which has about 500,000 residents.

In the coming years Ljubljana City Library intends to market its activities and services under two slogans: »Under one roof« (Pod eno streho) and »Third space«. The first one expresses desire for new image of the library in public and among its employees. The second slogan embodies the newly defined role of libraries, since we are convinced that the library is one of the first in the line of third spaces to help every individual build his/her personality and attitude towards culture, knowledge and society.

Namely, third space is a term which LCL uses to invite all residents of Ljubljana and its surroundings to use library materials and services and which defines the library as an essential destination for every human being. Everybody should have available besides home and job or school a third space to spend there a part of his/her life.

LCL fulfils its mission by encouraging reading culture and various forms of literacy, in particular by training the visitors to use the library and its information sources. It encourages the inclusion of visitors in the processes of lifelong learning and forms of active citizenship. By means of its high quality leisure time activities the library in its physical and virtual form presents an area of relaxed socializing, an open, connecting and creative third space.

Our vision is: »To understand the changes and to prepare the path to services of the future!«

Web portal of LCL is our window to the world and it is wide open! It is intended for you, our visitors, to have a look, visit us and maybe dedicate us a comment or an interesting idea! But, most importantly, it is intended for your information needs. We will be very happy to be able to help you in any way!

Jelka Gazvoda
Library director