Mission, goals, functions

Mission of LCL

  • Ljubljana City Library is the main public library in the country's capital ensuring library services for the residents of Municipality of Ljubljana and its visitors. The library thus represents cultural, information, educational, social and communication intersection of individuals, groups, local community, cultural institutions and organizations.
  • It performs the tasks of central regional library for Central Slovenia and looks after maintenance and development of library network. It collects, catalogues, displays and preserves local materials collection. It also informs the public about local events as well as library activities thus enhancing its visibility and public image.
  • LCL offers its visitors democratic access to all of its collection (educational, art, pastime, etc.) by offering materials and information on conventional as well as digital media.
  • Its mission is fulfilled by development of reading culture and various forms of literacy, especially training visitors to use the library and its information sources.
  • It encourages the inclusion of visitors into processes of lifelong learning and various forms of active citizenship.
  • By developing specialized services it provides the inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  • By means of organizing activities for quality the library, in its physical and virtual form, presents the area for relaxed socializing, an open, connecting and creative third space.
  • The library also provides an encouraging working environment and permanent education and training of its employees thus ensuring that they are qualified for their tasks.

Functions of LCL

  • It is a public library performing library service as public service in the area of Municipality of Ljubljana (265.009 residents) with five regional branches and 14 local libraries.
  • It is a public library contracted to perform library service in seven municipalities outside Municipality of Ljubljana: Brezovica, Dobrova-Polhov Gradec, Horjul, Ig, Škofljica, Vodice, and Velike Lašče (43.450 residents) with 13 local libraries.
  • It is a central regional library for central Slovenia (524.151 residents) with eight central libraries (Library Domžale, Grosuplje City Library, Kamnik Library, Ivan Cankar Library Vrhnika, Jože Udovič Library Cerknica, Litija Library, Logatec Library, Medvode Library) and is also performing tasks of regional library: providing larger quantities and higher quality materials and information, professional help to libraries in the area, co-ordination of collecting, cataloguing and preserving of local materials.
  • It performs activities of mobile library (47 stops).
  • It performs tasks of specialized collections for humanities and local materials – Slovanska Library – Centre for local materials and specialized collections for Humanities.
  • It performs tasks in the area of development of reading culture for children and youngsters ­– Pionirska – Centre for youth literature and bibliopedagogy.
  • It performs tasks in the area of lifelong learning – Centre for lifelong learning.
  • It develops reading culture and information literacy and performs cultural activities in the entire area where its units, libraries in urban regions as well as local libraries are placed.