My Library

My Library is the website access to the information about your borrowed or ordered material by means of the COBISS+ serviceMy Library service can be accessed by use of your member ID and password. Password can be acquired personally in the library.

For the use of this service log in as instructed:

  • Enter the acronym or the name of the library. 
  • Into the two suitable fields enter the number of your membership card and the password, which you chose at the enrolment. 
  • If you have forgotten the password, visit any of the branches, where you will get a new log in password. 

After you have completed the work log out to prevent the abuse of your data by an unauthorized person!

my library

Services offered by My Library are as follows: 

  1. Loans and reservations 
    Provides the overview of borrowed material, the renewal of the loan period and cancelling reservations. 
  2. Inter-Library Loan 
    By selecting Inter-Library Loan you can send to the Library your orders for borrowing material from other libraries, i.e. items that are not available in our Library or are currently borrowed. The service is charged according to the applicable tariff. 
  3. Debts and restrictions show you the overview of your outstanding debts and possible restrictions on the use of Library's services. 
  4. The change of password enables the change of the login password which was allocated to you by the library. 
  5. Electronic Notification
  6. Loan History

On this site you select the type of information you would like to receive from the library: on the state of the reservation, on the arrival of reserve material, on the approaching expiration of loan period, on the imminent warning, on the membership expiration and general information on the library. It is also necessary that you specify the type of communicating the information: via e-mail address or text message.