Centre for lifelong learning in the urban region of Ljubljana

Project title
CLL URL – Centre for lifelong learning in the urban region of Ljubljana [www.cvzu-lur.si]

Project goals
Operation of Counselling centre and Points of lifelong learning

Target group
residents of URL who wish to gain additional education and training and who are looking for information, advice in the areas of education, career planning, employment, entrepreneurship.

Project description
Participants in the project CLL URL (CVŽU LUR) are: Centre for Distance Education Univerzum (Center za dopisno izobraževanje Univerzum) – project developer, Glotta Nova, Institute YICCS – Youth Information Counselling Centre of Slovenia (Zavod MISSS-Mladinsko informativno svetovalno središče Slovenije), Ljubljana City Library (Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana), Kamnik Centre for Education and Rehabilitation  of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents (Center za izobraževanje, rehabilitacijo in usposabljanje Kamnik), and Third Age University (Univerza za tretje življenjsko obdobje).

Counselling centre
Regional counselling centre with ICCAE (Information and Counselling Centre for Adult Education) and six dislocated units throughout the region (two in Ljubljana, in Grosuplje, Kamnik, Vrhnika, and Domžale) provides services of counselling and information in the area of inclusion in education, training or learning for all residents of the region.

Points of lifelong learning
Points of lifelong learning(PLL) operate on sixteen locations in the entire region. Within lifelong learning we thus offer all residents a possibility to independently learn, acquire information literacy skills, provide training materials with emphasis on e-materials, as well as help of trained mentors to support independent learning.

In CLL URL project Ljubljana City Library co-ordinates a network of eight PLLs.