Manual for reading quality youth literature

Project title

Manual for reading quality youth literature (previously known as "List of surveys and recommendations of youth literature according to themes, types and genres")

Project goals

  • To make a clear and systematic overview of the production of youth literature in the year in question. Clear from the point of view of traditionally established classifications used by experts and practitioners in dealing with book materials (abc, arrangement groups, age groups, subject groups), systematic from the point of view of presentation groups ranging from the simplest playing forms to tales going all the way to aesthetically polished and mentally sharpened texts.
  • To use subject cataloguing of the presented book material and tools, which are derived from this cataloguing, and to offer librarians, educators, teachers and other experts in the field the treasure of books to be used for effective book and library education tailored to different situations and needs, as well as a variety of encouragements for reading primarily literary texts. Here the treasure of books means the quality of purpose, execution and message, as well as cultural scope brought by language (including translation) of both text and illustration. The manual not only systematically surveys book production for children and youngsters in the Slovenian book market, it also evaluates it. The best books are annotated and the best of the best are marked with the »golden pear«.
  • To use systematically arrange information and to offer experts a useful material for research, analyses and planning of educational area.

Target group

Youngsters, their parents, mentors, educators, teachers, librarians, youth literature experts, publishers, authors, translators, illustrators

Project description

The manual takes into consideration developmental stages of young readers from pre-reading stage which is vital for encouragement of reading and reading pleasure through all three triennials of primary school to the transition to »young adult readers«. It also follows reading interests of young readers as well as the school programme. Its structure and idea support the goals of Slovenian national strategy for development of reading culture. With the survey of the book production of the year the manual informs about new youth books thus offering the autonomy, i.e. freedom of choice. It not only emphasizes the importance of reading youth fiction, different themes, types and genres, but also raises attention to youth educational fiction and educational books for the young. It especially excels in its recommending nature which means that it uses annotations to bring attention to quality reading. With accompanying articles and rich »apparatus« (various indexes etc.) and tools it is very helpful in promotion of reading to adults. This includes parents and especially mentors of the Reading Badge (Bralna značka), educators, teachers, youth and school librarians and all other experts who play a key role in development and promotion of youth reading culture. The manual is intended as a help to libraries, especially public and their youth departments, in collection development; and also to publishers in planning of their publishing programme.