Media collection

The Media collection is a specialized department that incorporates the fields of music, film, theatre and dance and provides our library users with professional book and non-book materials from these fields. Multi-media corners are located in Oton Župančič Library, Jože Mazovec Library and in some other branch libraries.

The adaptability of contemporary spatial design enables a quick transformation of library space into a concert venue or a movie theatre, where the young and the not yet affirmed musical, movie and theatre artists get a chance to present their work.

 The media collection in the Oton Župančič Library provides:

  • Various materials: books from the fields of music and film, magazines, Slovenian and foreign music, movies of various genres and on various mediums, musical notes, etc. A collection of Slovenian and foreign comics is also available to all fans of comic books;
  • Novelties and recommendations: lists and recensions of novelties and recommendation lists of quality films and music;
  • Events: jazz, blues and ethno concerts with an emphasis on acoustic music, educational-film projections, workshops and professional lectures from the fields of film and music;
  • The multimedia room: a purposefully designed space for workshops and lectures with a mini-gallery for fine art exhibitions;
  • Space for relaxation: individual listening of music, viewing of films and reading of topical Slovenian and foreign magazines.

The Media collection in the Jože Mazovec Library provides:

  • Various materials: 9.600 units of non-book materials that encompass adult and youth films, varied selection of music on CDs and educational CD-ROMs. Some 80 books from the field of dance are also available to our readers, as well as a smaller collection of digitized recordings of modern dance – a product of our cooperation with the “En knap” institute.