World among us

Project The World Among Us (Svet med nami) is organized each year to present the culture of a chosen nation in cooperation with many foreign associates and public institutes, as well as with foreign embassies and with individuals who have found a new home in Slovenia. Diverse programme for adults and youth, which lasts for a week, familiarizes us with the culture of distant lands through lectures, literary events, films, exhibitions and creative workshops. In recent years we have taken a glimpse at the ancient cultural heritage of Greece, the cradle of European civilization, and have acquainted ourselves with the exotic culture of Japan, enjoyed the literature, dance, and music of colourful Spain and France, took part for a week in the inspiring culture of Ireland, as well as discovered the picturesque culture of ancient India and China.

The World Among Us project is designed to expand horizons, bring together people of different nationalities in search of beauty of otherness, as well as to show how differences that sometimes seem insurmountable are in fact small and of little significance.