Closing days and holidays in 2019

January 1st and 2nd (Tue, Wed) New Year all branches closed
February 8th (Pet) cultural holiday all branches closed, with the exception of Prežihov Voranc Library, which is open 8:00 to 15:00
April 22nd (Mon) Easter Monday all branches closed
April 27th (Sat) Day of Uprising Against Occupation all branches closed
May 1st & 2nd (Wed, Thu) May Day Holiday all branches closed
June 25th (Tue) Statehood Day all branches closed
August 15th (Thu) Assumption Day all branches closed
October 31st (Thu) Reformation Day all branches closed
November 1st (Fri) Day (of Remembrance) of the Dead all branches closed 
December 24th (Tue)   all branches that are usually open today are open from 8:00 till 13:00*
December 25th (Wed) Christmas all branches closed
December 26th (Thu) Independence and Unity Day all branches closed
December 31st (Tue)   all branches that are usually open today are open from 8:00 till 13:00
January 1st and 2nd 2019 (Wed, Thu)  New year all branches closed

*Branches open on Tuesday, December 24th and 31st 2019, 8.00 – 13.00: Bežigrad, Fužine, Glinškova ploščad, Grba, Horjul, Jožeta Mazovca, Otona Župančiča, Polje, Prežihov Voranc, Rudnik, Slovanska, Šentvid, Šiška, Škofljica. Returning library material in another library will be free of charge.

Trubarjeva hiša literature will be closed

  • from April 30th to May 6th 2019 
  • from July 2nd to September 2nd 2019
  • from December 25th 2019 to Januaty 6th 2020