Fairy-tale & natural stories workshops in English for children between the ages of 3 and 8

November 19th 2018, at 20.00, Oton Župančič Library, the mediateque

"I believe every music is serious, if taken seriously. In reality the division on serious and non-serious genres is merely an issue of how we perceive things...", says the guitar-player Igor Bezget, one of the key figures of Slovenian jazz music. Most of the Slovenian musicians recognized abroad gathered their initial jazz experience with him.

November 22nd 2018 at 10.00, Oton Župančič Library, the mediateque

We will discuss terms such as bakery, pharmacy, store, playground, and what we can do in each of them. Each participant will demonstrate the environment he/she lives in and how it is different from his/her birthplace. The workshop is intended to all who learn Slovenian as a foreign tongue. Speaking Slovenian on at least A1 level is required for participation. 

November 22nd 2018 at 14.30, Oton Župančič Library, the mediateque

The second workshop in November will be dedicated to Frida Kahlo. Our activities will be focused on the life of this famous Mexican painter, her self-portraits and words. Speaking Spanish at B1 level is required for participation. 

November 22nd 2018 at 17.00, Oton Župančič Library, computer classroom

The subject this time will be the diet. Join us, if you wish to check, use, or upgrade your knowledge of English. B1 level of English is required for participation. 

November 22nd 2018 at 18.00, Šiška Library, 1st floor

Once every two months we will discuss one of the modern French novels. We will read in the original language and the workshop will take place in French. It will start with an autobiographic novel by the Belgian writer Amelie Nothomb Métaphysique des tubes (The character of rain) in which Amelie in a sophisticated and ironic manner describes the initial three years of her life, spent in Japan. 

November 23rd 2018 at 18.00, Oton Župančič Library, ground floor

In the House of Worlds Momodou Sallah, Phd., will present his poetry collection. It is a post-colonial poetry collection, titled The Dictator and the Heretic, in which the author addresses the existing situation of society and the construction of reality. It is the second collection of poetry by Momodou Sallah, who is also the author of many academic works, and is currently teaching at university in Great Britain. The presentation will be in English, with translation into Slovenian.

November 29th 2018 at 16.00, Oton Župančič Library, computer classroom

Basic formulas, formation of cell, input of data, deletion and fixing of content in cells, copying of formulas and functions, basic formation, designation, input, deletion, hiding and disclosing of columns and lines are some of the stresses from the workshop. Knowledge of working with files and formation of text are conditions for registration to the workshop. The workshop finishes at 19.45. 

November 30th 2018 at 17.00, Oton Župančič Library, Hall

In November we shall discuss the book by Jon McGregor titled Reservoir 13. It is a contemplative and meditative novel on the dynamics of communities and individual impulses that are driven by a young girl's disappearance. The group is open to anyone. It meets every last Friday in a month. Discussions are intended for the participants to learn about literary works written in English and practice English as well, as the sessions are carried out in English exclusively.

The group is hosted by Leonora Flis, PhD.