May 22nd 2019 at 18.00 Trubar Literature House

Within the days of the Ukrainian culture, called »Cultural mix Borscht« that are going on annually in May in Slovenia the renowned Slovenian director Maja Weiss will show us a story of Ukraine. We will watch the films Boy, Bloodbrother of Death 1 and 2. The stories of two shocking films are connected by the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident and the fate of a nine year-old Ukrainian boy Anatoly Rizhov and his family. The movies were filmed in 1991, five years after the accident, and again twenty years later in 2011.

May 31st 2019 at 17.00 Oton Župančič Library, 3rd floor

Improvement, written by Joan Silber, is a novel about "the butterfly effect", it is a story about how every single thing bears significance in our lives, about our fates being inextricably interwoven.

The group is open to anyone; it meets monthly, every last Friday in a month; discussions are intended to getting acquainted with literary works and at the same time to exercise English, as they take place in English exclusively.

The group is guided by Leonora Flis, PhD.