Jože Mazovec Library

Head librarian

Marjetica Škrlec
Zaloška cesta 61, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 54 00
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2, 9, 11, 20, 25 (Tržnica Moste)
Handicap accessibleInternet access
Opening Hours:
  • Mon08.0019.30
  • Tue10.0019.30
  • Wed08.0019.30
  • Thu08.0019.30
  • Fri08.0019.30
  • Sat08.0013.00

The library dwells on the second floor of the Španski borci (Spanish Combatants) Cultural Centre at the Moste marketplace. As one of our fairly big libraries it offers many sevices to the residents of the eastern part of Ljubljana as well as to all other visitors. We have recently enlarged our library area by converting part of the first floor into a reading corner, a section intended not only for reading but also for meetings and events. There is a wide choice of newsapers and magazines in the reading corner at your disposal.

On the first floor of the library, we arranged the Mediatheque in a user-friendly fashion. There is a wide range of musical CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs on offer. There you will find additional spaces for computer work.

In the year of intergenerational coexistence, we started with the activity Chess in Library and it gradually changed from informal gatherings into a permanent activity. If you want to upgrade your knowledge of chess, welcome to the library where you can play chess with a FIDE master.

Children like to create from an early stage in their lives. While they are creative, they know no limits. Therefore the workshops organized in our library are intended for all children who would like to learn something new and have fun at that. There is story time for small children in the library on a weekly basis. It is intended for children from four onwards and is also available in the English language.

At The-Lifelong-Learning-Point, you can work with the help of a mentor who can give you individual assistance in learning with our multimedia material.

We cooperate with the international dance company EnKnapGroup and share the building with them. We compile together The Collection of Contemporary Theatre Arts with an emphasis on modern dance . That is the reason why you can find titles of foreign magazines in the field of dance and a rich collection of book material about dance in our library. There is the digitization of camera recordings from private collections of authors in progress.

The library is connected to its local area in many ways. Since we wish to be a library for the whole family, we hope that the plan to renovate the existing library and turn it into its state- of- the-art and functionally better version designed for members and casual visitors alike will be soon realized.

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