Fran Levstik Library

Head librarian

Maja Smole
Stritarjeva cesta 1, 1315 Velike Lašče
01 308 57 50
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Internet access
Opening Hours:
  • Pon12.3019.00
  • Tor//
  • Sre10.0015.00
  • Čet12.3019.00
  • Pet12.3019.00
  • Sob/

The Fran Levstik Library is the unit of the LCL that is most distant from Ljubljana. It is located at the very centre of Velike Lašče in the first floor of the Levstik's house.

The library space is diverse. Blue-green rooms are named after our great men: the Primož Trubar room, the Josip Stritar room, the Fran Levstik room, and the Jože Javoršek room. The memorial room of Fran Levstik and Josip Stritar is also accessible free of charge.

The Fran Levstik Library is the only freely accessible public space in the local community.

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