Horjul Library

Head librarian

Majda Slak
Slovenska cesta 17, 1354 Horjul
01 308 58 00
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Internet access
Opening Hours:
  • Mon
  • Tue08.0015.00
  • Wed12.3019.00
  • Thu
  • Fri12.3019.00
  • Sat

The Horjul library is a pleasant, bright library with modern equipment and with ingeniously arranged furniture.

The children are invited to play in the small wooden house, which they may rearrange and refurnish, or lay down on its pillows while reading picture-books and play-books.

Books written by local authors or books dealing with local materials are pointed out to the adult visitors. On the novelty shelves is located a list of all monthly novelties that the readers may read or browse through. Books recommended to adults by the library are also pointed out.

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