Poljane Library

Head librarian

Goja Ješić
Zarnikova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 55 20
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Opening Hours:
  • Mon08.0019.00
  • Tue10.0019.00
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  • Fri12.3019.00
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Despite cramped library space, the library offers a quality selection of material among which you will find various literary genres and a selection of basic non-fiction works in the field of arts, geography, history, psychology, medicine etc.

In the reading room reference section, you can have access to dictionaries, reference books, encyclopaedias and textbooks which help you with learning and writing asssignments. In addition, you can have access to 30 different magazines and newspapers. You can borrow and take home also the non-book material: language courses on CDs and DVDs and musical CDs.

We have cooperated with the Technical Museum of Slovenia successfully for a few years with the result that we regularly hold exhibitions covering their various objects from a rich collection of Slovenia's heritage. We have already exhibited up till now: typewriters, cameras and cine camera, children's sewing machines, medical objects, objects from the collection of the post and telecommunications, telephony and phone cards.

For all those who travel with backpacks or suitcases, independently or with a travel agency, and for all those who travel only in their imaginaton and need a map just to look at it, the library has a thematic corner named The Independent Traveller. Since 2005 we have collected in that corner over 700 book items which are of practical help to a contemporary traveller and tourist and books that cover the subjects of travel, independent travelling and nomadic lifestyle from many different viewpoints. For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (independent traveller).

In our library, you can come to our travel evenings where travellers talk about their travel experiences. Before travel talks we occasionally hold liitle exhibitions featuring rare books and exhibits that are thematically associated with a specific travel talk.

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