Rob Library

Head librarian

Maja Smole
Rob 2, 1314 Rob
Opening Hours:
  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed16.0018.00
  • Thu
  • Fri08.0010.00
  • Sun

The library is located on the first floor of the Rob House of the local residents. It is a small rural library which holds about 3,000 books. It provides fiction and non-fiction books for its users and a fine collection of youth literature and video cassettes for adolescents. It has no Internet access. Amateur librarian Heda Marolt runs the library.

1971 saw the beginning of the library in Rob when the then Associaton of Cultural Organizations of the Municipality of Vič and Rudnik donated to the library a collection of hundred books put in a special lending book suitcase. Amateur librarian Angela Puh received the books. Since there was no appropriate library space in our part of the world, Ms Puh lent books to people at her home in the living room. When the new arts centre was finished in 1974, the library was alloted a small space on the first floor where it has been in operation ever since. In 2005, the library was extended by a fairly small additional space.

The library holds also a fairly small collection of video cassettes, DVDs and CDs. It has neither newspapers nor magazines.

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