Easy to join education - Inclusion for all!

Project title
Easy to join education - Inclusion for all! [www.projecteasy.eu]

Project goals
Formation of a transnational concept of competences for trainers / supporters of education / educators in nongovernment and non-profit organizations

Target group
employees of nongovernment and non-profit organizations

Project description
Ljubljana City Library has in the end of 2008 begun participating in an international project EASY which was entered into Programme of Lifelong Learning by 10 partner organizations from five countries (Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Slovenia).

From each of these countries there are two organizations: one aimed at educating educators and a nongovernment or non-profit organization which offers non-formal and informal learning to various target groups. In Slovenia these are Glotta Nova and Ljubljana City Library.

In this project participating educational organizations will form a model of education of educators who work in non-traditionally educational environments (e.g. museums, libraries, societies, day-care centres, facilities for the elderly, etc.). Educators from participating nongovernment and non-profit organizations will attend education the goal of which is to develop competences necessary for developing and improving the quality of non-formal learning as well as competences for encouragement and support to informal learning of visitors, participants or members of their organizations.

At the end of the project partner organizations published a source book for informal learning »Study on the move, for everyone, anytime, anywhere!«