Project title
ENTITLE - Europe's New libraries Together In Transversal Learning Environments

Project goals

  • To look for, describe and extend examples of good practice, special services, tools and approaches developed by public libraries as support to lifelong learning.
  • To form an appropriate framework for further comparisons and use of these results.

Target group
library users

Project description
Ljubljana City Library / Oton Župančič Library (Knjižnica Otona Župančiča) has in 2008 as associate partner entered the project ENTITLE which was applied by 13 partners from 12 countries to enter Programme of Lifelong Learning, longitudinal programme Dissemination of best practices. The purpose of the project ENTITLE is support to public libraries in formation of services related to learning and aimed at users of all age groups and from various social environments. The library made a national survey of learning activities for users of Slovenian public libraries. We can see a growing interest in effects which actually show the effectiveness of a certain learning activity. These can be: economic, social, research, and educational. To assess these effect we used in our project the model Generic Learning Outcomes (GLOs) developed by the UK Research Centre for Museums and Galleries. In Ljubljana City Library / Oton Župančič Library we tested the GLOs model on two learning activities: 4 workshops for unemployed within the Employment Information Service (Borza dela): Interview at employer, Business suit, Meaning of colours in business dressing, and Don't let the job ssshake you), and a course of teaching information literacy to elderly »From computer to library materials and information«.