Nothing hooks like comic books!

Do you know that in all of our branches have a special spot with the collection of extremely funny books? These spots are mostly in the department for children and youth or in the department for film and music. Some say these books don’t deserve to be called books and when they see a child or a youngster reading it, they may say: “Ah, again (s)he's going to spend all day laughing (her)himself into tears instead of reading a real book. What’s to become of the girl/boy?”

You can calm them down by informing them how teachers, librarians and researchers from the field of educational science have all arrived at an interesting conclusion: comics don’t do any damage, they are actually good for you! They are actually raising the levels of reading culture, broadening the horizons, and by doing so, contributing to the achievement of higher levels of literacy. For this reason comics in progressive countries are being used as teaching accessory for reading novices, and as a means of passage from the reading of picture-books towards more extensive youth books. Comics are recommended also in the processes of learning foreign languages.

So come and enjoy a comic, because nothing hooks like a comic book! Captain Underpants, Tintin, Asterix, and other comic-book heroes are waiting for you! Together you will spend some super-amusing hours full of laughter.