The Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange collects and transmits information about those who seek specific types of knowledge and about those who offer these types of knowledge. The supply and demand in the Learning Exchange is formed form various fields of knowledge, wisdom, skills, crafts, and information.

You can visit the Learning Exchange may personally or seek information over the telephone. Your demand or supply of knowledge may also be handed over the homepage of the Network of Learning Exchanges. You can report your desired knowledge, information or skills, and we will check whether this type of knowledge is already available in our database and connect you with those members who can transmit it to you. All information is provided free of charge.

In cooperation with our members who offer and master various skills and crafts we organize educational and creative workshops, professional lectures and presentations, as well as fine art exhibitions. You can therefore either perform at our weekly events or simply attend them.

The Central Learning Exchange in the library operates within our Centre for Lifelong Learning and is part of a Network of Learning Exchanges, which was formed from the “Let’s Organize the Lifelong Learning” project that was developed by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The Central Learning Exchange in Ljubljana also coordinates the operation of regional and local information centres, develops and coordinates common activities at the national level and takes care of the project’s promotion among national and foreign public.

Additional information is available personally at the Learning Exchange, over the telephone or on the homepage of the Network of Learning Exchanges.

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed: 8.00-16.00
Tue: 10.00-18.00
Thu: 8.00–18.00
Fri: 8.00–14.00

Summer opening hours (24. 6.–24. 8. 2019)

Mon, Wed, Thu: 8.00–16.00
Tue: 10.00–16.00
Fri: 8.00-14.00


01 308 51 20
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Edita Flegar

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