Online public access catalog COBISS/OPAC

The Ljubljana City Library is part of the library-information system COBISS.SI, which links most of the Slovenian libraries and information centers. In all our branches you can use, alone or assisted by the librarians, personal computers for browsing through the open public access catalogue COBISS/OPAC. 

COBISS/OPAC (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services/Open Public Access Catalogue) provides the online public access to

  • online union bibliographic/catalogue database (COBIB.SI), 
  • local databases/local electronic catalogues of the libraries included in the COBISS.SI system 
  • databases with relevant information on Slovenian libraries (COLIB.SI), 
  • other databases (specialised databases, Internet available databasses, etc.)

Access to the electronic catalogue COBISS/OPAC from: 


Browsing through local OPAC is possible as follows:

  • Choose all departments or individual department;
  • When searching the individual libraries' local databases and other databases accessible through COBISS/OPAC, you can choose among three modes:
    • Beginners' mode
    • Intermediate mode
    • Advanced mode
  • You can combine search terms about desired material by entering them into individual search boxes (Author, Title, Publication year, Keywords, Publisher). There are limitation possibilities on basis of type of material, language or e-access.
  • Click search and choose any search result hit;
  • By choosing individual search result hit you got the display record containing bibliographic informations
  • Library's holdings tell us:
    • how many copies of material are in our library,
    • how much is free for hire,
    • which branch or department has it in the stock
    • and where specifically in the library is located (this is so-called location mark).

The first part of the location mark tells you on which library shelf is material located and the second part tells you where on the shelf in alphabetical order of the material is folded.