Reservation and ordering of material

Reservation can be made of the borrowed library’s material (except material on e-book readers) either in person or by a phone call. You will be informed about the returned material either by an e-mail or an SMS-message. You can specify or change the mode of receiving information in the web service My Library or mobile application mCOBISS. You shall take the material in the Library within 2 working days upon written confirmation. You can order the available (not borrowed) material via telephone, and we shall keep it for you for 1 working day upon confirmation.

Overdue charge

You are requested to bring back the borrowed material in time, because other users might need it too. After the expiration of the loan period, we shall remind you by sending you an overdue notice, if necessary repeatedly. A member with any outstanding debts in the Library (materials not returned in time, overdue charge, unpaid membership fee, etc.) can not use the Library's services.

Lost or damaged material

You are expected to handle with care any borrowed material; if, by any chance, the material be damaged, or even lost, you shall be charged with the costs of repair or with the costs of purchasing a new copy or substitute material.