Reserving a computer

Reservation of e-points is assisted by the programme MyPC.

Upon the log in to the MyPC you can select:

  • the branche
  • location in the branch
  • type of computer and
  • the day when you wish to use it.

The programme shows a list of all computers in the selected location. You click on the term on the time line when you wish to use the selected computer. Reservation for a computer can be made 7 days in advance.

This use of e-points and the number of reservations e-points are limited by the Rules of Ljubljana City Library.
The user receives a 15, 7 and 2 minutes before the notice provision of computer time, which is still available, and warning notice on storing data on external storage media.

If a member for 10 minutes after the reserved termin does not log on to a computer the reservation expires and computer is free for the next user.